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JDI: Cannot EDIT a java source file in a loaded, inactive DC

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I have finished JDI Scenario 2+. I have since built a new workspace and imported my Development Configuration. I would now like to edit the java code and do a re-deployment.

Problem: I cannot Edit the file; it is read-only. I was able to edit the file from a different workspace yesterday, at which time when I typed in the editor I was prompted to create and activity and I did. I did NOT mark it for exclusive check-out.

Since then I have done a REVERT on that activity,but I still cannot edit this file in my second new wrokspace. In the context menus, in the DTR sub-menu, the EDIT selections are always grayed-out.

So, can someone advise how I can get the EDIT selections to be not grayed-out so that I can edit this file in the Java editor?


Mike R.

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Solved. The problem was that I was following the directions in Manual page “Synchronizing a DC in a Local File System”. It said to do “Create Project” from “Active DC” view, but this causes the files to be un-Editable. If I “Create Project” from “Inactive DC” view then I can Edit, all works correctly.

Maybe I am using the instructions wrong or don’t understand something yet.



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Hi Mike,

You are right, and the instructions are wrong: the "Create Project" must be done from the "Inactive DCs" view (for the sources to be editable).

The "Active DCs" view will give you sources from the "active" workspace (containing all "activated" sources), which is read-only. For DCs you work on (and modify), you should sync sources from the "Inactive DCs" view, and for DCs you depend on you should sync archives/sources from the "Active DCs" view.

I have requested for a correction of this error in our documentation.



PS: There is now a dedicated SDN forum for JDI (under WebAS) - so you can post your questions there in future.