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JDBC receiver - conditional insert

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I am doing a scenario in which i have to insert a record into jdbc table based on a field value in source structure.

e.g. i have an xml message with 3 records like below

col 1 col2 col3

A 1 !

B @

C 3 #

now i want to insert a record for A and C but not for B, since for B col2 has no value.

in short i want to skip my mapping in case of B.



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to do this,

you must define a condicion in Receiver Determination in ID and specify what value shuold come in this field for data passed to receiver system.

in IR, how you are getting data from a DB, you must define a specific structure, see this link








the tag <row> indicate that you are receiving data from a SQL query that you execute in this case in you Communication Channel.



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