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JDBC-Adapter and DB Schemas

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I try to send a synchronous SELECT message to the JDBC adapter. The database in use needs the DB schema in front of the tablename. So the select statement looks like this:

SELECT proddescr FROM dbschema.dbtable WHERE prodid="4711"

Translated into the XML-language of the JDBC adapter it looks like this:

because of the period ".". Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem?

How can I access DB tables for databases which need a DB schema in front of the tablename?

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (2)

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Have a look in oss-note 0679352.

At XI 2.0 support package 04 - adapter outbound - there is an add-on concerning XML schema.


This example uses db.mytable instead of db_mytable as table name in the sql statement.

maybe that helps, I never tried it.


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this solution from the oss-note work. I have not do myself but i have seen by a customer that

it has been worked. Before they have the same problem. The database they use is oracle.


Ly-Na Phu

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I encountered this problem as well using the JDBC adapter against an Oracle table. I worked around it by using the schema owner user-id as the login on the JDBC connection string. Then the dbschema prefix was not required on the table name in the XML tag.

Not a great solution, but it works around the problem. The DBA's obviously had concerns, especially since I was doing DELETE and INSERT statements, but since the ID was only being used by the adapter directly (not by a person) and we could obscure the password in the JDBC connection string through the password tokenization feature of the adapter engine, they accepted it.



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Hi Chris/Friends,

I am working on a scenario like SQLSERVERDB<==>XI2.0<==>SAPR/3 4.6C

My Questions are,


Since in the above scenario one is a Database, how we can define interfaces at the Database side?( Usually we define interface for both the systems, for eg if two SAP Systems are communicating through XI ). I know I have to use JDBC adapter to retrieve the Data. Basically I will be using the Select Commands & Update Commands to Retrieve/Modify Data. Do I have to define Stored Procedures in the Database side? ( In the Integration Repository, when I define the interfaces, how can I define the interface for the Database?)

2. In the XI Documentation it says JDBC adapter comes with XI2.0, I know I need to install & configure it. But is the adapter Free of cost?

3. Please refer me some websites/Links from where I can get information on how to Handle this type of Scenarios.

thanking you in anticipation