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JCO to XI RFC adapter

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In my external Java application I want to forward an rfc call to the xi rfc adapter using the Java Connector.

How can I do this?

How can I set in java code that I want to connect the xi adapter and not the R/3.

The program ID of my sender rfc communication channel is set to: sapfallback

Thanks for helping

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You would have to import the RFC which you want to call in your JAVA application into XI. After that, use this RFC as the outbound interface in your scenario and complete IR. Then Comlete the configuration sceanrio in directory using the RFC sender adapter for you java system.

Then call the RFC in you calling java application which would automatically route this call to XI.


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Helo Vj!

Thanks for the reply, but I all have done this, my only problem that this call isn't routed automatically to the xi, but the abap side of the application server.

But when I send Idoc it is routed automatically, as you sad.

It should be automatically? or I must set something.

In the sxmb_adm my client 001 is set the role named integration server, and in the java code I connect to 001 client too.

What can be the problem?

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my relevant java code:

JCO.addClientPool( "MyPool", //pool name

3, //maximum pool connections

"001", //SAP client

"PIISUSER", //user ID

"etterp23", //password

"EN", //language

"sapsp5", //application server host name

"00" ); //system number

function = createFunction("BAPI_CUSTOMER_FIND");


And this code cause: that the funciton is called from the abap stack in my client 001.

but I want to address with this code my integration server, which is my client 001 too.

how can i do this addressing?

please help.

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Please help. In my java application I want to forward my imported rfm to the adapter engine and not to call it straight in the R/3 abap stack.

Can you help?

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HI Greg,

In this case, there is no need to use JCO..

You can create a java proxy for the BAPI in XI...

You can trigger this proxy...

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hanks Varun.

If nothing could be done with this problem, I will try the java proxy.

But I it has worked with IDOC. if I send my idoc to client 000 it is saved in this client, but when send to my client 001 it is not saved in here(although there is an inbound profile related to my IDOC metadata),but the intergration server triggerd and through it, the idoc is saved in the target business system.

In other words when I send my idoc to my client 000 the port metadata is not relevant, but if i send to the integration server (client 001), the port is turn to be obligatory field.

in other words I <b>can't</b> send my idoc to client 001 <b>without</b> integration directory configuration.why?

and if I just send an rfc request, this <b>can</b> be done <b>without</b> integration directory configuration.

Please help.