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JCO Timeout for SAP Business Connector 4.7

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Environment :

Windows 2000, SAP Business Connector (BC) 4.7

General Description :

SAP BC is used to invoke BAPI's in the SAP R/3 system.

Issue :

Some BAPI's are taking some time to return response depending on user load. Need to provide a timeout for RFC calls invoked by SAP BC using JCO.

Following is the entry in the rfc trace log file when BC starts up ...

000000 -

2005-05-12 11:07:20 EDT

000001 [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JNI-LAYER] RFC.nativeSetTraceLevel() with rc = RFC_OK leave, [SUCCESS]

000002 [B2B-SAP.0002.0022] Log level set to 10

000003 [B2B-SAP.0002.0025] Registered SAP package trace with core trace

000004 [B2B-SAP.0002.0014] Starting SAP services

000005 [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JAV-LAYER] JCO.setProperty(jco.jdsr.comp_name, SAP BC server0023 5555)

000006 [B2B-SAP.0003.0001] Loading native libraries

000007 [B2B-SAP.0003.0002] JCO version: 2.1.4 (2004-10-20) sapjcorfc 2.1.4 (2004-10-20)

000008 [B2B-SAP.0003.0004] jRFCLibrary info: 2.1.4 (2004-10-20)(C:\sapbc47\Server\packages\SAP\code\libs\sapjcorfc.dll)

000009 [B2B-SAP.0003.0003] RfcLibrary version:

This RFC library belongs to the SAP R/3 Release *** 640,0,41 *** MT-SL

Versions of SAP internal libraries:

dptr: 2

ni : 37

cpic: 3

rfc : 3

00000A [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] MiddlewareRFC.setProperty(jco.middleware.wait_for_request_time, 1)

00000B [B2B-SAP.0002.0016] Loaded SAP server configurations

00000C [B2B-SAP.0002.0015] SAP services started

00000D [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JAV-LAYER] JCO.Client.setAbapDebug(false), current state false

00000E [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JAV-LAYER] JCO.Client.setTrace(true), current state false

00000F [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JAV-LAYER] JCO.Client.setAbapDebug(false), current state false

000010 [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JAV-LAYER] JCO.Pool.setMaxWaitTime(30000)

000011 [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JAV-LAYER] JCO.Pool.setConnectionTimeout(600000)

000012 [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JAV-LAYER] JCO.Pool.setTimeoutCheckPeriod(30000) on pool SERVER-300&USER_RFC&300&EN

000013 [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JAV-LAYER] JCO.PoolManager.addPool:

name = SERVER-300&USER_RFC&300&EN,

connection = USER_RFC|300|EN|AS=[|00|]G0|,

pool_size = 10,

max_wait_time = 30000,

pooled_connection_timeout = 600000,

timeout_check_period = 30000

000014 [B2B-SAP.0005.0003] Pool changed: SERVER-300&USER_RFC&300&EN containing 0 connection(s)

007E72 [B2B-SAP.0006.0001] Executing invoke for ZBAPI_TEST_Service on SERVER-300

007E73 [B2B-SAP.0011.0001] [JAV-LAYER] JCO.Client.execute (ZBAPI_TEST_Service) on handle [2]

Questions :

1) Is there a SAP BC configuration parameter for RFC execution timeout ??

2) Any other way of enforcing the RFC time out ??

3) If there is a way to set timeout on JCO.Client.execute method ??

I really appreciate your help !!

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Answers (1)

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Have you tried changing the settings under the SAP package.

You can change the SAP connection timeout.



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I have tried changes the connection timeout value but if doesnot affect the time RFC. Following is from SAP BC adapter guide ..

Delay (minutes) until an unused connection to a SAP

System is timed out (default: 5)

I think I need similar setting as that for RFC connection !!