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JCA and Calling BAPI's

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Using JCA to call RFM/BAPI's looked very very interesting.

First tried to deploy and run the sample provided. It worked fine and everyone in the team was very excited.

Then we tried to call a RFM to which we needed to pass a Internal Table we tried a lot but couldnt figure out how to do this. JCO's API's were more intutive and easy to learn.

Have anyone tried something similar, If yes please post some sample code.


K. Prasanna

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Hi Prasanna,

How to use JCA to call RFM/BAPI? Where to find the library required?


Best Regards,


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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I made an article about it here on SDN. This article is still beta, but contains the most important informations.

The (non-) trick about JCA - SAP adapter implementation is, that it offers no support for datatypes like tables. You just have to pass the parameters like you would do in JCO.

JCA handles then for you the connection management. Thats the important improvement.


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Hi Oliver,

Initially we wished to pass a structure as a parameter with other parameters. We could not do that.

If there are a couple of table parameters my RFC returns then what form would the resultant record be in so that I could parse through it an get my table parameters out. If you could clarify on the above questions, it would be of great help to our team.


Pradeep Sridharan.

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Hi Oliver, do you have a link or something like that to your JCA Article?

We are trying to implement an iView using JCA, though it seems at the beginning much more complicated that just using JCo like in EP5. We are currntly using EP60SP2, but the examples od the PDK seems not to work.

Thank you for any help!