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Java Support Pack Stack - what about additional patches?

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Hi Guys,

I have applied Java SP stacks many times before so this is not a technical question as such.

We download the entire SP Stack and apply it via JSPM. But this only updates the system to that stack with patch level 0. For instance, if I apply SP Stack 3, then all the components will have SP3 patch 0. SAP releases bug fixes from time to time in the form of additional patch files like SP3 patch level 1, 2, 3, etc. for individual components but these are obviously not part of the downloaded stack but need to be downloaded separately for each component.

My question is, is it a good strategy to apply the entire stack as downloaded so this makes all the components to patch level 0 in that stack and then also download all of the latest patch files for each component within that SP level and apply all of them in the next run?

So I think this should fix all the bugs that SAP has fixed using these patch files so this would save us a lot of time which usually goes wasted in encountering the bugs, finding solutions and maybe even going to SAP just to find out that the latest patch files are released which already contain these fixes.

So, can someone tell me whether this is a good idea to do it this way? Or is there any downside to this?

Thanks and Regards,

Shitij Bagga

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SAP releases patches alongside with the stack level.

When each patch released, it 'll have a associated note with it.

If you see, the fix has addressed your current/future issue in the note then you can apply it otherwise you can go for next stack level when available.(usually in every quarter)

My suggestion is use stacks, which was proven consistent and tested.

Patch it if needed.

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May not be all the bugs in the SP3 patch 0 not related to your business scenario. There may be still few bugs in SP3 patch 1,2,3 etc. which may create problems as there will no solution until SAP releases notes or patch.

I suggest you first apply SP3 and then perform a business transaction testing. If you encounter any issues during testing then you can apply patch for specific component or escalate to SAP via OSS message.

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You can apply eaither ways there woun't any problem.

i mean you can apply directly patch with SP leve or apply the SP level with patch 0

When ever if we apply the patch for any SP level, it over write all the file with patch file