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Java stack - what are you guys doing?

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Coming from the ABAP world, it would be really nice to know what people are doing out there on the Java stack.

I read recently that the Java stack doesn't provide access to the ABAP database (where all the business stuff is), and that this stuff needs to be accessed using RFC's and BAPIs.

This just picqued (sp?) my curiosity, what are you Java guys building out there? Web front ends? Stand alone apps? 'Business Strength' Hello World applications?

I'd love to see blogs on the types applications people are building on the Java stack.



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Hi Brad,

Java stack is currently being used to do web front ends and standalone application for portal. The reason why java doesn't have direct access to ABAP database is because business logic has to be kept intact. With WebDynpro for java you can create database table directory and write complex stand alone applications.

Also, lot of us forget that netweaver java stack is not only being used to integrate SAP's application but other distributed systems(not from ABAP world). I am currently working at NASA and we are integrating and building all kinds of complex application using the JAVA stack.

Check out some of the weblogs i have written on SDN. There is plenty more to come. By the way i also come from ABAP world(HR Abaper/ITS developer for 6 years) and it is an awesome feeling when you know both the worlds.

Prakash Singh