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Java Proxy Problem

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I am using an Inbound Java Proxy as final step of a BPM, via SXMB_MONI I see that the message was successfully delivered to the JP but the JP is not doing what supose to do in the DefaultTrace I am not see anything what other logs or traces can I look for problems?

Thanks in advance.

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By default your System.out output is not written to the defaultTrace file. If you want to check if the control reached the EJB code try putting System.out stmts there and to enable the logs to get redirected to the file you would need to do the following in Visual administrator.

  1. Select the LogConfigurator Service in the Cluster/Server/Services/LogConfigurator Node

  2. Select the Locations Tab.

  3. Expand and select ROOT LOCATION/System/out.

  4. Select Severity: "All".

  5. Save your changes by clicking the disk symbol.

alternatively you can write application specific logs from your j2ee code but that would involve a lot of configurations and code change.

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Hope there is no error in the SXMB_MONI ? Am I right ?

What is the log in the RWB->Message Monitoring->MDT ?

also in the adapter monitoring ?

Is your java proxy is sycnhrnous ?

Anyway the best option to debug this, in the java proxy, before executing actual business logic, try to write the payload into a file with FTP APIs in Java proxy. SO that you can check is it reaching proxy etc..