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Java object as IResource content

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Hi everyone,

I'm stuck. Again. I'm trying to write an object to an

IResource. What i'd like to do is delete the IResource

and then recreate one with the new object as content.

I then want to read this object back in as an object at

some later point. What i have so far for the writing is:

IResource aResource = aResourceFactory.getResource(financeRID, rContext);

ICollection ic = (ICollection) aResourceFactory.getResource(baseDirectory, rContext);
IContent content = (IContent) null;
ic.createResource(FINANCE_DATA_FILE, null, content, true);

financeRID is the RID of the file i want to create. I use .delete() to get delete the file and then i use createResource to create it again. Now, i'm not sure how to create the IPropertyMap, so i just pass null and

ignore any error as i don't really need a property map.

Now the object i'm trying to write into this resource

is called FinanceDataType.

How can i write this into the file?

Also for reading it back out again i was thinking of


IContent ic = aResource.getContent();
ObjectInputStream s = new ObjectInputStream(ic.getInputStream());
FinanceDataType dfd = (FinanceDataType) s.readObject();
return dfd;

Will that work??

Thanks a tone! I'm really clueless...


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Answers (4)

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Thanks Thilo,

That's exactly what i'm trying to do. The only problem

is that i have no idea how to write the object using

the ObjectInputStream. Do you have any sample code?



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The object i'm trying to write is a custom object that

extends Object.

So it has the Object class methods and its own methods.

How would i cast an Object to a byte input stream?

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Given that it is a custom object its hard to say.

But I take it that the object is some sort of file or has some displayable content?

I doubt it would be as simple as getting the object as a string and then casting the string to a stream..

Other than that it will be very difficult to know what can be done without knowing what sort of object we are dealing with.



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Hi Alessandro,

if the Object is serializalbe in any way, you can simple create ObjectInputStreams and write the object as content to the RF. But keep in mind that there is no application/iView on top on of the RF who can display your content. You have to develop something, which displays the custom object.



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Thanks for the reply.

Now i'm not deleting the file but merely updating it.

However, how do i get it to write an object into the


So i have an object called FinanceDataType. I instantiate

it and want to put it into a file in KM so that i can

later retrieve it.

FinanceDataType fdt = new FinanceDataType();

IContent c = new Content(?????);


What do i put in the ???? part?


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What is the object you are trying to add? I believe you need to cast it to ByteArrayInputStream as shown in the following code. textForFileContent is a simple string in this case.

String out = new String(textForFileContent);
ByteArrayInputStream data = new ByteArrayInputStream(out.getBytes());

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Hi Alessandro,

Why are you deleting the resource? Why not use something like:

String out = new String(conent);
ByteArrayInputStream data = new ByteArrayInputStream(out.getBytes());			
IContent content = new Content(data, mimetype, data.available());