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JAVA mapping for beginners


Hi Gurus,

Please help me find suitable learning material about JAVA mapping in SAP PI. I have worked in message mapping using graphical editor. However, I would like to develop my mapping skills in detail with JAVA mapping.

Can anyone suggest me any cookbook or handbook on JAVA mappings? or any SAP official documents or videos on the same?

Thanks & Regards,

Omkar Desai

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Answers (2)

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Hi Omkar,

                 You can try this link and pls check the comments section too.

Beginners guide to Java mapping using DOM parser in SAP XI - Process Integration - SCN Wiki

I wrote this with respect to DOM parser long back.

Other useful links

by Ricardo Viana

by Sunil Chandra

I felt that before you go through these blogs it will be very helpful if you know the concept of binary tree in data structure. This will help you understand how PI keeps the tree in memory

Data Structures & Algorithms Tree

in case of java mapping we deal not with binary tree but a forest of nodes. Still the underlying concept of tree is important to understand java mapping.



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Hi Anupam,

Thanks a lot for such a wonderful suggestions for taking some prerequisite approaches in order to learn Java mapping in SAP PI.

Thank you!


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Hi, Omkar!

You can start with searching for examples of SAX and DOM parsing using java as it's the base methods of XML transformations.

For learning java basics the good starting point is the book "Thinking in Java" written by Bruce Eckel.

AbstractTransformation class is the starting point for implementing your own class:


Regards, Evgeniy.

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Thank you for your suggestions.Can you or someone suggest me any good learning material from SAP about SAX and DOM parsing as I am familiar with java programming language.

My main concern is to know and learn how java can be used in message mapping in SAP XI/PI.

Thank you