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Java Flavor???

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Hi All,

I want to go on Java training as my next assignment requires application development using Web Dynpro and IView development using Java. I wanted to get your output as to which training course will be the best to go for. Should I go for regular Java or Java server pages(JSP) or the Enterprise Java beans(EJB). Can someone recommend anything and tell me which flavor of java is used with Web Dynpro and which one is used with Java IView development?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi. i think regular java training is good as it gives a basic understanding of the language, then proceed on with JSP/web component training. after that you can have your own readings on EJB.

JSP/web component training will require basic java knowledge.

hope this helps.

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Answers (1)

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Hi Anurag,

For Web Dynpro you should know the following

1. All important packages of Core java.

2. Model View Controller methodolgy.Design patterns is desirable and definitely a plus.

3. Servlet and JSP if you want to use Web development in your project.

4. JCO development predominantly you will use JCO to connect to R/3 with Webdynpro.

5.Dynamic progamming with Webdynpro.

6.Debugging & validations using webdynpro.

For Java iView Development:

1.Basics of EP

2.Configuration of EP with Webdynpro

3.Basics of JSPDynpages.

4.Personliazation using EP.

5.Basics core java,jsp

FOr above two you shd be familiar with Netweaver Studio IDE.