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JAVA command to long for qsh (iSeries)

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Hi all,

I've to run a java instruction regarding the configuration of SDMAgents in iSeries, SAP OSS note 987092.

the point 9 tell me to run this command in QSH

9. To execute the SMD setup, log on with user SMDADM (default password is

sapofr), start QSH or QP2TERM and do the following:

cd /usr/sap/SMD/J<XX>/SMDAgent

java -classpath









<XX>/SMDAgent/lib/launcher/smdagentlauncher.jar /QIBM/ProdData/Java400/jdk14

<monitoring_box_hostname> <monitoring_box_P4Port>

<monitoring_box_AdministratorUserName> <monitoring_box_password>

but this command is to long, and does not fit into qsh buffer, someone know how can I run this command in QSH ?

How can I create a Batch to run from QSH or where can I define the classpath previously !?!?



Pedro Rodrigues

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Hi Pedro,

here is my response (from the SAP problem ticket that you opened):

You can always create a batch file (shell script file).

To do this, create a file with a name you chose, e.g. "". The

first line of the file needs to be:


Write your command then in the second line.

Afterwards, go into QSH/QP2TERM and change into the directory where resides. You have to make sure that is an executable

file, e.g. by doing "chmod 777".

Afterwards, call the script with "./".



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Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your quick answer, but can you tell me what text editor can I use in iSeries?



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Hi Pedro,

in iSeries you can use EDTF.

You can also create the file in QSH with "touch <filename>" and afterwards on the greenscreen, do a WRKLNK <filename> and chose option 2 (edit). I think that starts EDTF as well.

Another option is to use a text editor from Windows over the mapped iSeries share. But you have to make sure that the editor is able to handle unix line breaks and uses them.

Best regards,