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Java API Failed to authenticate the user session with LDAP

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I have created a Java class that uses the MDM Java Api's it works fine on our Development environment where the MDM server uses its own built in authentication, but when I moved it to our QA environment where MDM use LDAP for authentication its failed with a 'Failed to authenticate the user session'. Has anyone seen this before?

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Answers (2)

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Hello Dan,

As u said the java class that u created that uses MDM Java API it works fine in development environment where in it has its own authentication but in QA environment it is failing to authenticate

Its bocz LDAP first starts the TLS (Transport Layer Security ) then it binds and checks the deatils provided if it gives failure at this level then there must be a problem in LDAP protocol version

Please check both the LDAP protocol version.



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hi Dan,

The java class which u have created that suppose to works fine on MDM server because to execute that program there are no requirement of such protocols, the problem u will face while exporting those program to an client machine

LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access protocol) connector communicates with the SAP system using RFC and with the directory server using these standard communication protocol.

so try to select the protocol such that it should help in making connection between the server,direcotryserver and the client machine through which u can execute u r java class using java Api's.

i hope this will give u an idea to through ur problem.