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J2EE saplicense executable from the command line?

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Is there any way to automate the process of license installation on a J2EE/Portal NW 2004 system? No ABAP, so some tool like saplicense is needed, or some SAP java API at least. Is it possible at all, or do I have to install the license manually?

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You have to use Visual Administrator to install license on J2EE engine .

Check note

Note 870871 - License key installation


Prince Jose

Edited by: Prince Jose on Dec 18, 2007 8:57 AM

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Thanks for the answer. We currently have no problem with the Visual Administrator and use it to install licenses to our development and production system. But the current task is to make the license installation unattented - so some command line tool or JAVA api is required, as Visual Admin requires manual processing. We have a scenario where our production portal is copied to another machine for test purpses, and would like to integrate the automatic license installation into the process of copying and starting the test portal.

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I you are running on Standlaone Java and you are Using SAP System copy method in which you do the process in the following fashion , a temporary license will be installed on the Target system ( 1 month).

1. Complete Database backup of source system.

2. Java export on the source system.

3. Copy the export folder on to the Target system.

4. Install the Traget system form the Export.

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