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J2EE engine is not starting in a ABAP+JAVA Installation

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This system is ECC 6.0 installed with ABAP+JAVA Stack

On Java we deployed Virsa CC and it was working fine 6 months before

One day we found it was not working and as it was development environment

we left it as it as business was not demanded for VIRSA dev system.

Suddenly now the requirement has come to bring up that Java System.

We have checked the parameters

rdisp/j2ee_start_control >>> with value 1

rdisp/j2ee_start >>> with value 1

which we made them to "0" to deactivate the JAVA instance on ABAP+JAVA System before.

Our System Environment as below.:


host : eccdcs1s

Central Instance Number : 01

SCS Instance Number : 02

db type : ora

db name : D10

db host : eccdcs1s

System Name : D10

Operaaintg System : AIX

After changing the "rdisp/j2ee_start_control" & "rdisp/j2ee_start"

We restarted the system , but SDM, Server0 and Dispatcher coming to inital state and were dis appearing.

When we reviewed the log files in work directory


file : dev_jcontrol

We have seen the follwoing messages


1/2 >>>>>>Error Messages ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

+++StartupReadInstanceProperties: read instance properties [/usr/sap/D10/DVEBMGS01/j2ee/cluster/


+++-> ms host :+++

+++-> ms port : 36+++

+++-> OS libs : /usr/sap/D10/DVEBMGS01/j2ee/os_libs+++

+++-> Admin URL :+++

+++-> run mode : NORMAL+++

+++-> run action : NONE+++

+++-> enabled : yes+++


2/2 >>>>>>Error Messages ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

[Thr 1] Sun May 3 15:45:20 2009

[Thr 1] *** ERROR => MsIAttachEx: NiBufConnect to /36 failed (rc=NIEHOST_UNKNOWN) [msxxi_mt.c 652]

[Thr 1] *** WARNING => Can't attach to message server (/36) [rc = -100]-> reconnect

[jcntrms_mt.c 368]


We observed in dev_jcontrol file

the values it is showing

+++-> ms host :+++

+++-> ms port : 36+++

as where actually the values in instance properties file as below

"File Path : /usr/sap/D10/DVEBMGS01/j2ee/cluster/"

We were getting mad even though in file

the values of & ms.port is correct whcy it is picking as

+++-> ms host :+++

+++-> ms port : 36+++

and which is leading to J2EE is not at all coming up.

Reviewed properties Files




Reviewed SAP Notes


Note 1095476 - Information for troubleshooting of the AS Java

Note 1306760 - Introducing missing iiop functionality for IBM 142 SR13 JDK

Note 1024539 - Recommended Settings for NW04 >= SP14, NW 7.0 >= SP6 on AIX

Note 1024682 - Recommended Settings for NW04s for the AIX JVM

Note 764417 - Information for troubleshooting of the SAP J2EE Engine 6.40

Note 879377 - How to adjust the JVM parameters used by SDM?

Note 741289 - Profile parameters of the J2EE Engine are lost

Also Checked name and ms.port in config tool. for disp & server node properties

But everything is found correct , but during start it is not taking the values either from configtool or from files

Request your advice?


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Answers (1)

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in default profile

we addeed the parameters

j2ee/scs/host = eccdcs1s

j2ee/scs/system = 02

j2ee/ms/port = 3902

and it is up.

When were trying to add these paraameters it has shown message as they are invalid parameters, but still we added and restarted the system. and it worked


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It was not the solution

But we upgrades the Java SDK to SR12 and maintained the parameters as mentioned in note 1024539