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J2EE compliant

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I know that SAP Web Application Server is fully compliant with the J2EE standard; besides that, a Web Dynpro application can NOT be deployed in other application server, right?



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we are facing a similar problem/question.

How to deploy a "J2EE-compliant" WebDynpro to external users in the sense of a stand alone application. The users do not have installed the SAP Java Application Server. But we (Development) would like to benefit from the new development paradigm.

We were thinking about Tomcat but could not image a solution for the problem.

Best regards,


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Hi Agustin,

of course you can deploy WD apps to other application servers, the bad thing is, they will not work there



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And why it's that so? It's a licence issue or a tech one?

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well, WAS is J2EE-compliant just tells us, that the WAS supports the J2EE specification, but NOT the other way: everything, that runs on the WAS IS J2EE-compliant.

WebDynpro for example is a SAP development that extends the WAS adding a webdynpro runtime environment, that has nothing to do with the J2EE-specification.

so it's a technical limitation and I can't imagine, why SAP should license it to other J2EE-Servers at the moment.

kr, achim

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What does compliant mean?

The other vendors usually let their servers test by Sun to achieve the J2EE -> certification.

Does compliance mean SAP just ran the compatibility testsuite themselves but didn't bother to get the certification?