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J2EE and EP on cluster environment

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We have Portal (EP6 SP15) installed and we are planning to cluster the j2ee engine on our current environment.

Current Environment:

1. Central and Database instance on one box.

2. Dialog Instance on one box

3. We are using Hardware load balancer.

What are the steps we need to follow for clustering j2ee and then portal? Can any one brief me the process, as I am facing the problem understanding the help document for clustering the j2ee engine?

In configuring cluster Element it says to specify the name of the cluster element and specify the port on which the server process listens for connection ( and element.jointPort). Should the values be same on all the dispatchers and servers?



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Answers (2)

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The values for the and element.jointPort should be different on each instance.

For example, you could have Instance1 on port 60001 and Instance2 on port 60002.

Hope it helps.


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I think the cluster what you are trying to do is only possible 2 ways

1. Hardware loadbalaced using Apache or reverse proxy sevrer where u have to specify the Url address and port for both the CI and dialog instance server. so that u have a common url address for the users and hardware will be balanced using round robin

2. Using web diaptcher software wise you can also do it.