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Iviews accessing between EP 7.0 and EP 6.0

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Hi Portal Experts,

I have the following scenario

I have iViews of different kinds like an URL iView, a WebDynpro iView, and a BW report iViews attached to a role in EP 7.0. These iViews are present in PCD of EP 7.0.

Now I wanted to access the same iViews in my other Portal which is EP 6.0? Is that Possible thorugh any URL re - direction technique in EP as we do in Java? Or through Portal services?

I am not interested in do ing a content transport from EP 7.0 to EP 6.0?

Has anybody encountered same scenario?

Helping answers will be rewarded.



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Hi Guru,

There are two approaches possible in general:

1) Probably the easiest is as already mentioned by yourself the URL integration. Nothing very special.

2.) Or you use RemotePortlets, see

Hope it helps