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iView Servlet to external JSP (forwarding)

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Hi All,

I have been looking for a straight answer for some time now with limited success. I am attempting to simply forward to an external JSP page from my iView servlet and pass a bean.

How am I able to do a forward? I'm looking for the iView equivalent of the response.redirect.

Keep in mind that I do not want to forward to an internal JSP and have that redirect to the external one and I also do not want to have to import any additional components into the external JSP.

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Forgot to add that I'm using EP5

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Hi Larry,


If you think of sendRedirect, that's redirecting on client side in the end.

Anyhow, you can use IPortalComponentRequest.redirect(String URI) (see should be the same on EP5 I think) or you can try to use the standard methods from the underlying HttpServletRequest / -Reponse (IPortalComponentRequest.getServletRequest() / getServletResponse()).

Using a RequestDispatcher won't work for you want to call an outside servlet (for the same reason I'm unsure if redirect works).

Last but not least you could "implement" a client side redirect just by sending an equivalent JS file to the client (at least for URL isolated iViews).

Hope it helps