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I have a page with 7 iViews'. When any of the iview is processed then all other iViews are also getting refreshed. I mean say if third iview is processed and then first iview is processed then third iview comes to the initial state.

Please help me how i can maintain the state of individual iView when other iViews of the same page are processed.



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I think that this depends on the isolation method that you have defined for the iViews, although I could be wrong. Basically, if you specify the isolation method as being PUMPED, then an event on one iView will mean that the whole page is refreshed. If you specify the isolation method as being URL, then only the individual iview will be refreshed

I hope this helps


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Hi Shekhar,

Darrell is correct in that if an iView has an isolation method of "EMBEDDED" or "PUMPED" it will cause the whole page to be refreshed. If an iView has an isolation method of "URL", only it will be refreshed, as it's loaded in an IFRAME at runtime(as opposed to to the others which get packaged in <table> tags server side). SAP recommends that a page only contain one isolation type to avoid this potential problem.

Hope this helps,