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iView Development

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I face a obviously simple problem:

I created an iView which redirects to an URL and hands over some parameters from the connected LDAP from the specific user. So far so good. But the Target URL is hardcoded in the par file.


How can I create an input field the URL can be inserted by an content administrator in the URL iView Editor???



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the portalapp.xml file you can specify any parameters you like. Basically in the <component-profile> section you can specify your own parameters that can be either defined by the content administrator or even an end user. It would look something like this


<parameter name="myParam" value="myValue">

<parameter name="personalization" value="no-dialog">

<parameter name="plainDescription" value="This is my param">



The no-dialog means that end users cannot personalise the parameter themselves.

I hope this helps


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