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ITSmobile for Logistics RF functions on Pocket PC

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We need to implement mobile data entry in our factories, using a wireless device to execute transaction LM00 in our back-end ECC 2004 system.

I have seen SAP Console used before for character based devices, but I would rather use a web-enabled GUI if possible. OSS notes indicate that SAP Web Console is being phased out and replaced by ITSmobile, which is why I prefer this approach.

We've set up an ICF service that exeutes this transaction, and it works very well using internet explorer from a standard or tablet PC. Unfortunately, the Pocket PC browser on our handheld device won't process the screen. It connects but shows a blank screen.

Has anyone used ITSmoble to publish standard SAP transactions (via WebGUI) to a Pocket PC device (Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition)?

What are the steps required? Must a java runtime environment be installed on the handheld?

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To get the transaction running on a mobile device you have to create templates for the screens of the transaction using the generator style 'Mobile device'.

Using the generic ITS rendering (Webgui) or other generator styles, like 'Webgui' will only work for IE or other newer browsers. The generated html and javascript is too complex for the very limited mobile browsers. The generator style 'Mobile Device' will take care about this and will create pretty simple html and javascript matching the limited functionality of the browsers on the mobile devices.

Please use the CL_MOBILE_SYSTEM_LOGIN as login class for your mobile devices for the same reason.

Regards Stefan