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ITS virtual host address per MANDT

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Hi experts.

I am new to ITS developing and I need to determine at runtime the ITS prefix address and port (i.e.

I tried to use RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET and TH_GET_VIRT_HOST_DATA: they gave me same prefix but different ports, both pointing to MANDT 100.

Is there a way to discover what port points to MANDT 200 (i.e. mandt in which program is running)?

Thank you in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Antonio,

that's nonsense. Nothing does point to MANDT 100 - I assume you are talking about

client 100. The client which will hold the session is determined during the

logon procedure. The URL-paramter sap-client may be used for that.

The ICF does not know clients, so port numbers do not play a role here.

best regards


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Thank you Tobias.

I just did not know about sap-client.

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