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ITS Mobile: Communication with SAP

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Hi All

I worked on several ITS mobile configuration and solution's, but I wonder how ITSMobile, i.e. calling SAP transactions via https link is communication with SAP ECC. Is it RFC connection or something else?? I tried to search but could not find the answer even on SAP help.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Kamlakar,

ITSmobile works like the WEBGUI:

[web browser] <-----HTTP/HTTPS-----> [SAP ECC]

- [web browser] can be replaced by the browser built in the RF device.

- HTTP or HTTPS is the protocol used

- In [SAP ECC] you have the ICM (the actual web server), the ICF (internet communication framework) and the ITS. The ICM pass the data to the ICF that checks for the application handler. For ITSmobile you have the ITS to process the requests.

You can read more here and here.

The Integrated ITS architecture can be seen in this SCN document.

I hope this helps,


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Hello Cristiano,

Thanks for answer.

I had already gone through the links which you mentioned in your post, but was bit unclear to me. But now its cleared after your reply.

Thanks again

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