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ITS error

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Hi Experts,

I am getting an error HTTP 500 when i tried to open the ITS service in exploror.

The scenario is I am creating custom menu which is assigned to LM00 in Logistics (Customization)

I created a custom service ZLM00 in SE80 & published it. Then i define the service in SICF under ITS folder & activated it. Earlier there was no service in Active state except ping service which is working fine.

So my custom service ZLM00 is the only service in Active state.

May be i forget something while defining the cutom service ZLM00 in SICF, please let me know what are the necessary things i have to do to define it there for my reference to cross check my service.

I tried to test it but it gave me an error HTTP 500.



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Hi Nik

Can you please share with the service entries you made on the Service in SICF. And also is the service name in SE80 and SICF are the same.

like ~MOBILE 1



So that I can guide you.



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I am passing 3 parameters

~transaction LM01

~theme 99

~itsmobile 1

GUI Link = Y

handler list = 'CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS'

Anything else we need to pass?



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Hello Nik,

If you still have HTTP 500 error then please use note 698329 to troubleshoot the issue first. You can also see ST11 for the traces to see why the communication is not working.

Also, you never need both the ~webgui 1 and ~generatedynpro 1 parameters together.

Please also make sure to use the logon procedure class CL_MOBILE_SYSTEM_LOGIN



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Hi All,

I have seen the ST22 and found the cause of error is the template for my custom menu screen

I created the template & user Transaction SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INTERNAL which solved this problem for me.

I am not working on the custom menu screens on ITS for the same service.

Thanks to all for your help.

Points given.