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ITS Error: "Use the most recent SAPGUI"

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We currently have an SRM 4.0 system with support package 6 with a basis

component at 640 suport package 13. We are using the classic scenario

and are connected to an R/3 system what was recently upgraded to ECC

6. When we attempt to try to use the WBS, Cost Center or asset search

helps we get the following error: "Use the most recent SAPGUI

version". We can click past the error and eventually get the search


This issue does not occur when we switch over to using the internal ITS

in SRM 4.0. Since SAP currently supports SRM 4.0 connected to ECC 6.0,

the fact that we are using the external ITS in SRM 4.0 should not be an

issue since it is still supported.

Does anyone know If there is a requirement for our SRM system to be on the internal ITS

while connecting to an ECC 6 system? Also, can anyone please let us know and/or provide any

published document that states this, I have not found anything that

states this requirement.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello there

I'm not quite sure what differences to HCM the SRM has but we had the same problem. Please check OSS Note 905135 and following. As far as I know the 6.20 external ITS was the last "external" version. Which means all scenarios connecting to a 2004s or higher system need to use other technologies or the internal ITS.

Lots of luck.


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