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ITS could not connect to the Web Application Server or the R/3 System?

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Users are trying to access R/3 SRM systems in the backend from Portal. When they are trying to access to r/3 and SRM from the Portal they are getting the error " ITS could not connect to the Web Application Server or the R/3 System? "

Its Urgent

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Answers (4)

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<b>Still the Problem exists</b>

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This is the error that got when user access quick order+( SRM) from portal

Quick order is a web enabled service which uses the ITS service

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<b>Still the Problem didn't get solved</b>

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Hi Madhu,

I think you have not maintained the table entry. Please follow the steps as below :-

1>Login SRM system and type transaction code : - SM30

2> Table – Maintain Web Server in Table TWPURLSVR

3> Select New entries.

4> Assign the SRM Logical system

5> Logical System - DS1CLNT100

Web Server - <hostname - FQDN>.SAPHWDF.SAP.CORP:8000

KW Web Server - <hostname - FQDN>.SAPHWDF.SAP.CORP:8000

BSP Server - <hostname - FQDN>.SAPHWDF.SAP.CORP:8000

6> Save it.

7> Got SE38 :- Program "W3_PUBLISH_SERVICES" -> Exceute

8> Put Package as "BBP" and execute.

9> Wait for some time till all gets published message below.

Do let me know where excatly your are facing the problem. Is CCM in another system completely or in anothe client but same system ?

Thank you.



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Hi Manomeet

We have managed to go to sm30 and the table entry, we could find all the entries for GUI Server and the ITS hostname are correct.. Also the logical system client... We could not find any error logs for the ITS too.. The IACORADMIN service is also running constantly and the load-balancing on the ITS is also working fine...

The SRM portal is working fine, but when we do a refresh alternatively, it shows the following error :

<b>"ITS could not connect to the Web Application Server or the R/3 System"</b>

Can you suggest any other ways to troubleshoot this issue..

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Hello Madhu,

Have you created RFC destination for the R/3 system and is it working fine ?


Ruchit Khushu