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its 620 pl 21 - accesslog and performance log

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in the accesslog i can see the service the session-id but not the userid

i have in the accesslog any entries with user-ids behind the services but

the most service entries have no user-id

now my question:

why gives there entries with and without user-ids ?

give another way to find out which user have which session id

many thanks


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Peter,

most of the entries in access.log are assigned to a user-ID. The one

corresponding to a logon screen not - of course.

What do you miss?

Please send an example.

best regards


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sorry the title performence.log is wrong the right log is diagnostics.log

i have 2 its in different landscapes with the same patchlevel, configuration and so on. in the access.log in landscape 1 i see the userid and then i know the sessionid

and i can search for errors in the diagnostics.log with the sessionid (s02F98328)

in the lanscape 2 i can't see the userid and i don't know which session has which userid.

exist there a problem ?

have i make a mistake in the config?

can i find out the userid in a other way?


access.log its from landscape 1

2007-02-13T08:28:07.033 01, s02F98328, IP, *bbpstart, , de

2007-02-13T08:28:07.955 01, s02F98328, IP, bbpstart, DBCSEBBENI, de

access.log its from landscape 2

2007-02-13T02:44:36.312 01, s0281F4B0, IP, bbpstart, , en

2007-02-13T02:44:37.437 01, s0281F4B0, IP, bbpstart, , en

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