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It is possible to get a response of a asynchronous RFC call thru wait loop

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Hi Experts,

The requirement is that i queue up all the requests from a web services ( One queue per plant for example) which i set in the HTTP sender URL ( i mean the queue name ). and i am posting the records thru a RFC call.

1. Let the RFC call be synchronous and in case the R/3 system is done.. Will the XI queue keep the Call and keep on retrying it till the R/3 system is up.

2. Otherwise if the RFC call be asynchronous, is it possible to introduce a wait loop in BPM to listen to the RFC till i get some response ( i think this is not possible).

Need your suggestion on the same...

The requirement demands that no single request from the web service should be lost.. in case of failure of R/3 they should be queued up and re tried.. Forget about the error because of exception in RFC this will be taken care manually..

Thanks for your response in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajesh,

you can queue and restart only asynchronous messages. I think you can build a Business Process, where you repeat sending a message til you have success or maximum number of tries is reached. But no good idea, coz you will get timeout at HTTP sender. Aynchronous messages dont have a response.

May be, XI can solve your task in the standard: In transaction SMQR you can just configure what you describe. All asynchronous messages will be queued and restartet in case of receiver not reachable. You can configure no of retries and intervall between.



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