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Issues with SAP Data Services Designer Installation

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We are trying to install the Data Services Designer on a Terminal Server and we are seeing the below issues. The “Critical” components needed for the installer are fine. However, there are “optional” components that might affect the usability of this tool. Can you tell which one of these or if ALL are required for the end-user to use this tool successfully?

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Hi Sai Sandeep Pulavarthy,

You need to install MS Access Database Engine. Orelse you will not able to select the excel workbook sheets in the Formats.

Please make sure Microsoft Access Database Engine is properly installed: <Unspecified error>. (BODI-1112338)"

Windows 64-bit server or client installation:
To use Microsoft Excel functionality in Data Services, you must perform manual steps if the installer is not able to install Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable on the 64-bit platform.
If the Access Database Engine 2010 cannot be installed because of the presence of earlier versions of Microsoft Office, the software issues the following warning message:

“A 32-bit Microsoft Office product is installed on this machine. Data Services requires the 64-bit Microsoft Access database engine to use the Excel data format as a reader or loader. Please uninstall the 32-bit Microsoft Office component.”

The software issues the warning message because earlier versions (pre-2010) of Microsoft Office software are 32-bit and incompatible with the Access Database Engine 2010 on the Windows 64-bit platform. If you need to use the Microsoft Excel functionality in Data Services, perform one of the following two options after installation:

● Option 1: 1. Uninstall Microsoft Office. 2. Install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 redistributable from the Data Services installed location. By default, the installation program is located at \ext\microsoft \AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe.

● Option 2: Upgrade Microsoft Office to Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit.

Windows 32-bit client installation:

On 32-bit Windows platforms, Microsoft Office 2007 can co-exist with Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010. If it does not already exist on the system, the installer always installs the 2010 engine. If Microsoft Office 2010 64- bit already exists on the system, but you install the Data Services 32-bit package, the configuration is not supported because it is not a valid Microsoft configuration.

Source : SAP Data Services Installation Guide

Akhilesh Kiran.