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Issues with Object table accessory icon in SAP MDK

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I am using a Object table to show a list of actions in my application. The object table is multiselect mode.

I want to achieve a navigation either using press of object cell or using accessory icon. Here are the issues I am facing:

  1. Item press is not getting triggered as when I click on the item it is selecting/unselecting the item.
  2. When provided accessory icon, it is getting displayed in android but not in iOS. In android it is coming but the "SubstatusText" is getting hidden.

Is this a standard behavior or I am missing something?

Here is the code for my Object table

                    "Header": {
                        "_Name": "SectionHeader0",
                        "UseTopPadding": true,
                        "Caption": "/MeterReturns/Rules/MainPage/GetSubmitSummaryText.js"
                    "_Type": "Section.Type.ObjectTable",
                    "Target": "{#Page:Main/#ClientData/AppData/MetersToSubmit}",
                    "_Name": "SectionObjectTable0",
                    "Visible": true,
                    "EmptySection": {
                        "FooterVisible": false
                    "ObjectCell": {
                        "ContextMenu": {
                            "Items": [
                            "PerformFirstActionWithFullSwipe": true
                        "Title": "$(L,'Serial') {serialNumber}",
                        "Subhead": "$(L,'Material') {materialNo}",
                        "Footnote": "{actionName} - {comments}",
                        "StatusText": "Bin#: {bin}",
                        "SubstatusText": "SLOC#: {SLOC}",
                        "DetailImageIsCircular": false,
                        "PreserveIconStackSpacing": false,
                        "AccessoryButtonIcon": "sap-icon://edit",
                        "OnAccessoryButtonPress": "/MeterReturns/Rules/SubmitPage/onShowMeterDetails.js",
                        "Selected": true
                    "DataPaging": {
                        "ShowLoadingIndicator": false,
                        "PageSize": 50
                    "HighlightSelectedItem": true,
                    "Selection": {
                        "Mode": "Multiple",
                        "LongPressToEnable": "None",
                        "ExitOnLastDeselect": false

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Product and Topic Expert


Update - In Android, the accessory button icon will be hidden when multi-selection is enabled. No changes in iOS because the behaviour is already correct.
You can test it in MDK 6.0.6 and also in MDK 6.1.0

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I see the behaviour is still same with MDK 6.3.9 Android.

Accessory button icon is not visible if selection mode is set to "Multiple".

How user can see the detail page of objectCell ? Any roadmap to enable this functionality?

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Product and Topic Expert
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Accessory button not visible if selection mode is set to "Multiple" is the expected behavior.

If user want to see the detail page of ObjectCell, they can navigate to detail page (via OnPress/OnAccessoryButtonPress event) when the object list is in single mode selection.

It all depends what is the app flow and use case but i would think of -

when the page loads, Object List can be in single mode by default (Selection Mode - None). This way user can navigate to detail page if needed.

Toggle the list to Multi-mode using setSelectionMode ClientAPI for example, by clicking on a button in ActionBar OR LongPressToEnable metadata property. When user is in multi-mode, they should be able to select record and do necessary action. When done, they will switch back to single mode.

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Hello, I have a similar requirement in an MDK app I'm working on. The client would like it to be multiselect AND have the ability to click to a detail page. Is there no way to do this without having to add a toggle button to switch between modes?