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Issues with EP 6 SP 15

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We are preparing to roll out EP 6 SP 15 and wanted to see if anyone had any issues, mainly performance issues, that we should be aware of and/or how to resolve them. Also if you have any tips, hints, warnings or well wishes, we would love to hear them!

Summary of our configuration .....

We have ~7500 users in 250 locations. We will have a 5-node cluster running on Windows 2003. We use Novell's e-directory for UME, SQL Server Database and ITS. We use ESS and MSS and also connect to the SAP GUI for SAP R/3, BW, HR, APO and CRM through our Portal using SSO.

We are currently running EP 5 SP 5 (for the past 2-1/2 yrs). We had performance and stability problems with that implementation, and needless to say, are a little "gun shy" in our EP 6 rollout. We are building our EP 6 environment on separate hardware so we can just "turn the switch" for our users.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tracy,

As long as your hardware is sized properly and you've done performance testing you should be OK. Performance (good or bad) can be due to a number of components, not just the portal. If you haven't already, check out these how-to guides.

If you go to the link

In the navigation on the left side, choose "Portal, KM and Collaboration" In the center pane, expand "portal" and "all". you will find a guide on "finetuning the portal platform" and "optimizing network traffic" along with a number of other you may find useful.

Good luck


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