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Issues with data security /performance in R-server in SAP

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My concern is: Does the data transfer to SAP R server as R-visual is running?

Another issue is: The performance of R-server in SAP is quite low. Is there any way to improve it? (such as hold the remote R-server?)

My R configuration is shown below.

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Hi Hsiang,

Yes, input data is transferred to the R-server of SAP and the result set is returned to the browser. I don't think there is an option to improve the performance of the R-Server hosted by SAP, other then rewriting the code more efficiently (if possible) and/or reduce the data set. You can setup your own R-server to possibly enhance the performance. Please ne aware that the URL of the R-server needs to be internet facing.

I would suggest to log a support ticket and see if you can collect some feedback on how the R-script is performing on the SAP infrastructure.

Kind regards,

Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs