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Issues with 0bpartner_attr delta extraction - throws a dump - GETWA_NOT_ASS

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Hi All,

I am having an issue with extracting data for the info object 0bpartner. I am extracting delta for this info object from R/3. When I try to extract the data for this info object (0bparner_attr), I get a dump - GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED.

When I went into the details, it mentioned the following

This error may occur if

- You address a typed field symbol before it has been set with


- You address a field symbol that pointed to the line of an

internal table that was deleted

- You address a field symbol that was previously reset using

UNASSIGN or that pointed to a local field that no

longer exists

- You address a global function interface, although the

respective function module is not active - that is, is

not in the list of active calls. The list of active calls

can be taken from this short dump.

It displays the error at a read statement where the short dump had occured. But there is no problem with the code as the same extraction works fine in other environments which are copy from the existing one.

can any one let me know what wrong with this one, and how to correct this delta extraction.

currently we are in BI 7, sp -12

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (2)

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Hi Thathi,

We also have problem with loading 0BPARTNER_ATTR, I try to do that from a CRM system. Have a look at note "1027260 - Infosource 0BPARTNER_ATTR throws a shortdump", however in our case it did not help.

Have you done anything in your system like SP upgrade? We did not have this problem earlier, but once upgraded to SP11 (or SPS12, I am not familiar with all this), the problem came up.

I chased the problem till I got to the start routine of 0BPARTNER_ATTR, where the below line throws the dump:

concatenate '''' <fs_low> '''' into lv_where.

Note that in our case we have a log also in the CRM system, in transaction SM58, saying "Field symbol has not been assigned".



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Try note 1019055.

Best Regards,