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Issue with workflow created. Messages not coming back to initiator inbox

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I've built an FI Document parking workflow with a 2 level release.

Upon testing the workflow using a Test user profile the messages do not go to the first approver when the document is parked.

When i checked the Inbox in SBWP under the user profile there's no message stating that the document was sent to his supervisor i.e.when parked.

I checked his Outbox the title of the message states Document Parking (Frame) Parallel and there's an error.

Drilling down into the error in the workflow log I'm seeing the steps referring to that of probably a standard workflow.

I'm not seeing the steps in my workflow in the error.

Somehow the transaction FV60 is not linked or calling my workflow.

I've checked the following configuration transactions;

OBWA, created the variant and used Subworkflow WS10000053 (2 release)

OBWJ, assigned our company code

OBWB,checks out fine

OBWC,checks out fine

OBWE,I set the release level referencing the same subworkflow in SWf amnt.rel and SWF pmnt rel.

OBWF,I set the 2 release levels referencing my workflow variant at both levels.

In SWU3 all RFC connections were fine.

I checked SWETYPV and my workflow WS903XXXXX was linked to FIPP COMPLETED and the type linkage active was checked and the enable event queue unchecked.

I even tried switching all the fields which referenced WS10000053  and this did not change the outcome, the messages were not coming.

For some reason my workflow WS903XXXXX is not linking to the transaction or being called by the transcation when the document is parked.

Any assistance or advice would be appreciated on this issue.

Also i need to know in OBWA what should really be inputted in the Subworkflow field, should it be the standard  subworkflow WS10000053 or what do you put in that subworkflow field itself?

Thanks in advance for any advice rendered.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Adeel

Why do we need to trigger the workflow on FIPP.COMPLETED?

If its a parking approval to post the doc - shouldn't it be FIPP.CREATED?

Also, check SWEL for the FIPP event creations when you post the doc (remember to switch on the trace first - SWELS)



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Thanks for the reply Vishesh and Modak.

I followed this document

in order to create the workflow.

It specified that FIPP.COMPLETED BO.

I will try the SWEL/SWELS transaction upon posting.

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Please ensure that before parking the document, the complete flag is set from the menu items....maybe then the COMPLETED event will be fired. If still it does not, then you can try FIPP.CREATED.... that is the one normally used for Parking approvals! and in there you can put a start condition to check for completion flag.



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There might be some issue with the event triggering. So check in SWELS if your event is getting triggered or not.