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Issue with User Authorization for Adding Reports to Favorites Folder in SAP BO

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Hello everyone,

I have a request regarding SAP BO (4.3 Support Pack 3 Patch 3). The issue is that users, who belong to different groups but share the EVERYONE group in common, are unable to add reports to their Favorites Folder from subfolders (such as AR, CO, AP, etc.) under the main folder named Reporting. Currently, they are receiving a message stating that they are not authorized to do so.

I've researched this topic extensively through various blogs and have concluded that I need to navigate to the Security section within the Personal Folders. From there, I should access the TOP LEVEL SECURITY settings and ensure that full control is enabled. However, upon checking, I found that full control is already granted.

How should I proceed to resolve this situation?

Best Regards,


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I would go to Advanced Rights for the top level of Personal Folders and make sure that nothing has been explicitly denied for the Everyone group there.  

Also, how are your using adding reports?  Are the copying from a public folder, trying to save from the Webi application, or trying to upload/publish from disk?