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Issue with Updating BOL

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Hi guys,

I am facing an issue in HCM ESS portal. The scenario is, when an employee waives a particular benefit plan, some related plans also has to be dropped in back end. We have added the code tho drop the related plans and the BOL was updated for the same. It was working fine. But now we are facing an issue of not dropping the related plans. In  debugging, I have found the BOL is updated. I have confirmed this by reading the attribute again and checked the values. But at another point of the program where this data is checked, it hold the old values. And another strange thing is, some times the first record is updated properly(the first plan to be dropped) and it hold the updated value till the end. But some times it wont get updated. This happens for the same scenario and inputs.

The code is as follows.

DATA: lo_bol_core             TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_core,

         lo_hress                TYPE REF TO cx_hress,

         ls_object_spec          TYPE crmt_genil_obj_instance,

         lo_iterator             TYPE REF TO if_bol_entity_col_iterator,

         lo_entity               TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_entity,

         lv_object_id            TYPE crmt_genil_object_id,

         lt_object_specs         TYPE crmt_genil_obj_instance_tab,

         lv_tech_exception_text  TYPE string,

         ls_pernr_struc          TYPE hrpernr.

   DATA: lv_string         TYPE string,

         lv_index          TYPE syindex,

         lv_beg_date       TYPE sydatum,

         lv_end_date       TYPE sydatum,

         lv_ben_eff_dt     TYPE sy-datum." Insert for SCR4755/XX03907/12.06.2014/HD1K920410

   DATA: lo_collection_in  TYPE REF TO if_bol_entity_col,

         lo_collection_out  TYPE REF TO if_bol_entity_col,

         lo_bol_filter      TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_filter,

         lo_access         TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_property_access.

lo_bol_filter cl_crm_bol_relation_filter=>get_instance( iv_bol_relation ).

   CALL METHOD lo_bol_filter->if_bol_bo_property_access~set_property


       iv_attr_name = 'EVENT'

       iv_value     = gv_event.

   CALL METHOD lo_bol_filter->if_bol_bo_property_access~set_property


       iv_attr_name = 'PLAN_TYPE'

       iv_value     = iv_plantype.

   CALL METHOD lo_bol_filter->if_bol_bo_property_access~set_property


       iv_attr_name = 'ENDDA'

       iv_value     = '99991231'.

   CALL METHOD lo_bol_filter->if_bol_bo_property_access~set_property


       iv_attr_name = 'BEGDA'

       iv_value     = lv_beg_date.

   lo_bol_core = cl_crm_bol_core=>get_instance( ).


     iv_appl_name = 'EMPTY'

     iv_display_mode_support = space ).

   lo_bol_core->load_component( 'HRBENF' ).

*----- get object


       ls_pernr_struc-pernr = cl_hress_employee_services=>get_instance( )->get_pernr( ).

     CATCH cx_hress INTO lo_hress.

       lv_tech_exception_text = cl_hress_fpm_msg_services=>return_tech_exception( lo_hress ).

       cl_fpm_factory=>get_instance( )->display_error_pagecl_fpm_error_factory=>create_from_object(

                 io_exception_obj = lo_hress iv_technical_exception = lv_tech_exception_text iv_additional_info = 'HRESS_EXCEPTION' ) ).



   lv_object_id = cl_crm_genil_container_tools=>build_object_id( ls_pernr_struc-pernr ).

   CLEAR ls_object_spec.

   ls_object_spec-object_name = 'PERNR_BEN'.

   ls_object_spec-object_id = lv_object_id.

   APPEND ls_object_spec TO lt_object_specs.

   lo_collection_in = lo_collection_out = lo_bol_core->get_root_entities( it_instances = lt_object_specs ).

   lo_iterator = lo_collection_out->get_iterator( ).

   lo_entity = lo_iterator->get_first( ).

   IF lo_entity IS BOUND.

     lo_entity->lock( ). "Lock the root entity

* Refresh / re-read the contents

     lo_entity->reread( ).

* End of Refresh / re-read the contents

     IF lo_collection_out IS BOUND.

       lo_entity = lo_collection_out->get_first( ).

       IF  lo_entity IS BOUND.

         lo_entity->reread( ). "*          "Refresh / re-read the contents

         IF  lo_bol_filter IS BOUND.

           lo_collection_out = lo_entity->get_related_entities_by_filter(

             iv_relation_name = iv_bol_relation

             iv_filter        lo_bol_filter ).





   lo_iterator = lo_collection_out->get_iterator( ).

   lo_entity = lo_iterator->get_first( ).

   WHILE lo_entity IS BOUND.

     lv_index = sy-index.

     CALL METHOD lo_entity->get_property_as_value


         iv_attr_name = 'ENROLLED'


         ev_result    = lv_string.

    IF lv_string EQ 'X'.

       IF lo_entity->alive( ) = abap_true.

         lo_access = lo_entity.



               iv_attr_name = 'ENROLLED'

               iv_value     = '' ).

             lo_entity->activate_sending( ).

           CATCH cx_crm_cic_parameter_error.




     lo_entity ?= lo_iterator->get_next).


I have tried LO_CORE->modify( ) after the changes, but the issue still persists.  Is there any other way to explicitly update the buffer? Please help me in solving this problem.

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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The issue is resolved. It was a SAP standard error caused after Mid year support pack upgrade. The issue is resolved by implementing Sap Note 169622.

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One more thing to add. This was working fine before the EHP7 upgrade.