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Issue with UI annotation - #WITH_INTENT_BASED_NAVIGATION

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Hello Team,

We have attached hyperlink for cross app navigation in few columns using annotation semanticObject and semanticObjectAction with #WITH_INTENT_BASED_NAVIGATION

for example :
@Consumption.semanticObject: 'SalesOrder'
@UI: { lineItem: [ { position: 270,
semanticObjectAction: 'displayFactSheet ',
requiresContext: true
} ]

Here issue is If we have to pass any parameter, for cross app navigation, how we can manage that using UI annotation ? From front-end side development we have this option to pass parameter but unable to find any such annotation from beck-end and to be noted, we are developing App based on RAP architecture where we are trying to build complete app from back end.
Unable to find any annotation or workaround to pass parameter from backend.

This issue can happen with cross navigation to any of standard App, like Sales order display or production order display where we will have to pass specific parameter to directly got to hyperlinked field.

Has anyone earlier faced the issue ? yes , how you handled it ?

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Hello Sonu,

If I correctly understood scenario, you have to navigate from one app to another using intent based navigation.

Try referring some standard app which uses this function and refer to the target mapping configuration of it.

You can mention parameters there.

Not sure this can be done from backend..

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Hi Saurabh,

Yes, your understanding of issue is correct. It's just we are using RAP model architecture to achieve the complete scenario from backend and expecting minimal or no front-end involvement.

We have annotation for semanticObject and semanticObjectAction, it's just hard to believe that SAP can leave this big loophole to achieve this functionality from back-end.

Thanks for your quick response though.