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Issue with text variable by replacement path

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Hello All

I have a date field called ZDATE1 (it is based on 0DATE). I have used this this IO in a query and have create variables on it (ZSTARTDT and ZENDDT), Start and End date. And my KFs are based on these 2 dates: Quantity - Start Date & Quantity - End Date / Product Value - Start Date & Product Value - End Date. Those are my descriptions for my KFs.

Now, I want the replace the descriptions "Start Date and End Date" with the actual values that I am entering like 09/01/2010 and 09/10/2010. Ex: Quantity - 9/01/2010 & Quantity - 9/10/2010.

Therefore, I create 2 Text Variables,

1. ZSTART, Replacement Path, Ref Char (ZDATE1), Replace by Variable ZSTARTDT, with KEY, offset - blank

2. ZEND, Replacement Path, Ref Char (ZDATE1), Replace by Variable ZENDDT, with KEY, offset - blank

And I put these text variables in the descriptions. But when I run the query, I still see: Quantity - &ZSTART& and Quantity - &ZEND&.

Note that my ZDATE1 which is based on 0DATE does not have a master data table or text table; it is purely transaction data. Does that mean, my text replacement path variables wont work.

Any suggestions??

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The text variable is replaced when the exact date is clear for this key figure column according to the restriction.

To achive this, please make sure that either the variable is directly restricted in the key figure selection, or that the date characteristic is in drilldown.



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Hello Patricia

The KFs are restricted based on those variables.

Any suggestions??


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Just to clarify, the key figures are restricted by the input variables?

i.e. ZKF1 is quantity restricted by ZSTARTDT; ZKF2 is quantity restricted by ZENDDT.