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Issue with semantic Grouping

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Hi Mentors,

Running with a issue , hoping to get help. I have to upload the data from source DSO to target DSO. Source DSO is having ket as 0CALDAY,0REPTT,0UNIT & EMPLOYEE & target dSO is having key as EMPLOYEE & DATETO. Now the Source DSO is having Planning Hours(0PLHRS) coming daywise for every employee. My requirement is to update the target DSO aggreagating the palnning working hours over a year time for every employee .

So I took CALYEAR(Ddrived from CALDAY) in source as Map target fields DATETO(fomula as - CALYEAR & 231') DATEFROM( formula as - CALYEAR & '0101' ) . Also since I have to aggregate Planning hours(0PLHRS), so in the tranformation, I put aggregation as 'SUMMATION' when mapping source to target for 0PLHRS

Now in the DTP I dfined sematicgrouping as (0CALDAY,0REPTT,0UNIT & EMPLOYEE) but when loading records didn't get aggregate. Below is the screen shot for new & active table for target DSO

Ideally as eveident from the screenshot for the employee 1014(in source DSO having 365 records, for each day of the year), total aggregated hours over a year 2006 should be 1924. But when I activate it overwrites the last as you can see in the active table, finally the records update for employee 1014 over a year time is 407(data packet 6, whatever be the last packet aggregated value) which is wrong.

DTP is delta DTP, I think issue is because of semantic grouping, once I remove smenatic group, sometimes its updates in tearget as 1924 which is correct but sometimes creates problem, I want to retain semantics grouping, so that for each employee it clubs the data and put in data packet.

Kind Regards,


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Guys, manage to solve the issue. Change the semantic grouping as  0CALYEAR,0REPTT,0UNIT & EMPLOYEE.

Thanks to you all..