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Issue with Process Chain - What does it mean ?

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I use a process chain to upload data into an ODS and after into a cube.

When I want to add the infopackage to upload data from ODS to the cube I have the following error message.

InfoPackage ZPAK_xxx is generated; NOT able to

be used as loading variant

Do you the reason of this message ? What should I do ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi there,

The further update (update ODS Object data) process will auotmatically update the datatargets from the ODS object using the generated delta package, and you specifically do not need to have a process to execute the infopackage for loading ODS data to the cube.

The error you mentioned is displayed, because you may have tried using the delta infopackage for the "further update process" in your loading step of the process chain.

If you still want to execute your own infopackage, then you do not need to use "the further update step in your process chain design.

Hope it clarifies,


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