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Issue with exporting Forecast chart

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Hi everyone!

I need to do a Forecast in SAC and use the result in a Modeler to make some variables. But I'm having some issues exporting the result.
I did this tutorial Hands-On Tutorial: Predictive Planning | SAP Blogs and when I try to save my forecast to a private version the model didn't apply.

So I tried another way, making a chart with time series.

But, when I export the chart to csv file the output value doesn't come. And I need this to import in my Planning model. I'm using this on Analytics Application.

Can someone help me please?

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Hello nathaliatricarico,

To apply forecasting you need planning model. If you have planning model as base and you applied the your time series predictive scenarios to back to your model, then you will have actual and forecast as part of the same model. This will let you export your data directly from model or form charts based on same model. Output file will have actual and forecast both.

On the other hand what you tried as part of your second attempt is chart based forecasting. No training of predictive model required in this case. It offers

  1. Automatic Forecasting
  2. Linear Regression
  3. Trippe Exponential Smoothing

Now the downside of this setup is that you can only view forecast data in charts, export will only bring actual data set.

In other words if your goal is to extract forecast / plan data out of SAC, you need to have planning model setup as a prerequisite

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Nathalia, what is the problem you faced when writing back to the planning model?



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Hi Antoine!

When I try to save my private version, sadly the model return in "Apply falled".