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Issue with $batch processing in Gateway

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Hello all,

We are trying to do a batch from Ui5, for few entries in create method of a entity set. Its not a deep insert. the payload is set correctly from front end. . when we fire the query from Ui5, we get a header saying 202 accepted, and in the response body - we get 201 created.

var r1 = oModel.createBatchOperation("ResponseSet", "POST", oEntry );

var r2 = oModel.createBatchOperation("ResponseSet", "POST", oEntry1);

var batchChanges = [r1, r2];



However on the gateway side, we are not receving the data. On the Changeset Begin method, there is not data in the Operation structure, and in the next method - process change also does not receive the payload data.

The tables it_operation_info & it_changeset_request are not populating from frontend.

I am sure that the payload is set correctly from front end, else it will give a xml parse error.

Any pointers would be helpful.

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Answers (1)

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Changeset process will be called if deferred batch is activated, by default it should go to CREATE_ENTITY.

By any chance, is it going to CREATE entity ?