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Issue with aggregation node in Calculation view

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I am facing an issue in an aggregation node within a Calculation view.

Basically what I am seeing is that the result of the aggregation node (if I do a data preview) is different from the Calculation view I am using in the Aggregation node, it seems I am loosing data.

Do you know what it could be happening? Should I check anything in particular?

Here, a couple of screenshots, where you can see the result is different applying the same filter.

In the Aggregation node, I select all fields from the Sub-Calculation view.

We are in SPS11.

Thanks, Federico

This is the Calculation view

This is the result for the Sub-Calculation view

This is the result of the Aggregation Node, using the Sub-Calculation view.

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Hi, Probably the mapping condition is wrong. Better check the Join nodes first.

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Hi Ricky,

I checked the mappings and joins, everything look ok.

The issue it is with the data preview of the Aggregation node, which gives me other result.

I switched the node to a Projection, and the result of that particular node matches with the Sub-Calculation view. So, the question now is:

Why the result of the same node is different if the node is an Aggregation or a Projection?

Thanks, Fede