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Issue on Powerbuilder 12.6 datawindow retrieval

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I am having problem with data retrieval for nested datawindow.  I am not capturing the correct value.  We are already using PowerBuilder 12.6 4011 build which should fix the issue. But my problem is not usual, I have 4 countries using the application all 3 countries are ok except for 1 after installing the patch.  During replication, I noticed that in my pc where I have the powerbuilder I am not encountering the problem for that 1 country.  So I tried to isolate the issue and found out that if I put the pbodb126.ini in the client side it all works well.  But I never put this ini in my client ever in my developing career so I am just curious what is this for.  I still tried to narrow down and comment the contents so I could check what exactly is the issue.  It is only when Block=1 being commented out that the issue occur.  Not sure what is this for?  Is this something to do with set-up.  Don't know what to check as the datawindow retrieval is so simple. it will just retrieve a facility name where the arguments is number.  My database is MS SQL 2012.

Hope someone could give me some light on this.



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Hi Elena;

  The PBODBnnn.ini file must always be deployed with your application when connecting to any DBMS via the ODBC protocol. If you read the "deployment" section in the PB Help, it clearly states this requirement. By not deploying the .INI, the client driver will take various defaults - which in your case, may not work correctly.

FWIW: the PBODBnnn.ini deployment has been a PB standard since release 1.0. I have always been deploying this file (along with PBLABnnn.ini) with my PB applications.


Regards ... Chris