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Issue loading CSV file into HANA

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From last couples of weeks i am trying to load my CSV file into HANA Table, but i am unable to succeed.

I am getting error "Cannot open Control file, /dropbox/P1005343/CRM_OBJ_ID.CTL". I have followed each and every step in SDN, still I could not load data into my HANA table.

FTP: /dropbox/P1005343

SQL Command:

IMPORT FROM '/dropbox/P1005343/crm_obj_id.ctl'


Could not execute 'IMPORT FROM '/dropbox/P1005343/crm_obj_id.ctl''

SAP DBTech JDBC: [2]: general error: Cannot open Control file, /dropbox/P1005343/crm_obj_id.ctl

Please help me on this



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Answers (2)

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Hi All,

I have successfully loaded the file into HANA database in folder P443348 but while importing file, I am getting the following error message such as

SAP DBTECH JDBC: [2]  (at 13) : general error: Cannot open Control file, "/P443348/shop_facts.ctl"

This is happening while I am executing the following import statement

IMPORT FROM '/P443348/shop_facts.ctl';

I have tried several options including changing the permissions of the folders and files to no success. As of now my folder has full access, which is 777

Any help would be greatly appreciated so that I can proceed further



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Hi Praneeth,

The top-level folder is called 'dropbox', and your P1005343 folder is inside a subfolder also called 'dropbox'. So your import path will be:

IMPORT FROM '/dropbox/dropbox/P1005343/crm_obj_id.ctl'

Please see this thread for more discussion on this topic: