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Issue in webdispatcher load balancing on SAP system (running on mix of HP_UX and Linux servers)

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We are facing issue with load balancing on our SAP system.

We have 2 SAP servers (including CI) running on HP-UX and rest 2 on Linux box.

Webdispatcher is installed on CI (HP-UX box) and uses simple-weighted-round-robin method for balancing.

When we view in SMLG it shows most of the traffic (users logged via webUI) gets routed to CI (i.e. HP-UX boxes) only and only a little load is routed to Linux boxes.

The Linux boxes are netter sized also compared to HP-UX ones in terms of both hardware and the work process still we have this issue.

We intend to phase out our HP-UX boxes and keep the system running on the new Linux ones. For which migration will be done later. But as of now we need to have load moved to linux boxes more than that going to HP-UX so that we can test the servers for later solo runs on linux only (when HP_UX would be phased out)

Please suggest how we can achieve this.

Regards,Ashish/SAP BASIS Administator

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What is your Web Dispatcher version including patch level? Share your Web Dispatcher configuration and Logon Group configuration from transaction SMLG.

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Hi Samuli,

We have ,

1] SAP Web Dispatcher Version 7.20.0, multithreaded, ASCII, 64 BIT

kernel information
system name =
kernel release = 720
database library =
compiled on = HP-UX B.11.23 U ia64
compile time = Apr 27 2013 11:40:01
update level = 0
patch number = 426
source id = 0.426

2] Webdispatcher configuration:- [sapwebdisp.pfl]

# Profile generated by sapwebdisp bootstrap

# unique instance number

# add default directory settings


# Accessibility of Message Servers
rdisp/mshost = <hostname>
ms/http_port = 81<xy>
icm/host_name_full = <fqdn>
wdisp/load_balancing_strategy = weighted_round_robin
wdisp/server_info_location = file:///usr/sap/<SID>/sapwebdisp_720/serverinfo.icr

# SAP Web Dispatcher Parameter
wdisp/auto_refresh = 120
#wdisp/max_servers = 100
wdisp/max_servers = 128

wdisp/shm_attach_mode = 6

# configuration for large scenario
icm/max_conn      = 16384
icm/max_sockets   = 16384
icm/req_queue_len = 6000
icm/min_threads   = 100
icm/max_threads   = 250
mpi/total_size_MB = 500
mpi/max_pipes     = 21000

#maximum number of concurrent connections to one server
wdisp/HTTP/max_pooled_con = 2000
wdisp/HTTPS/max_pooled_con = 2000
wdisp/HTTPS/dest_logon_group = <SID>
# SAP Web Dispatcher Ports

# SAP Web Dispatcher Web Administration
icm/HTTP/admin_0 = PREFIX=/sap/wdisp/admin,DOCROOT=./admin,AUTHFILE=icmauth.txt

# ICM Timeout
icm/keep_alive_timeout = 3600

3] In

serverinfo.icr file : we have placed the two linux servers first (which are better sized) in order followed by the remaining two HP-UX server. Linux server both have DIA=50 and HP-UX server each have DIA=20 and 17 resp.

For SMLG we have logon groups, where all 4 servers are assigned to all the logon groups.

Please help suggest.

Thanks & Regards,


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Can you run sapwebdisp pf=<profil> -checkconfig and come back with the results? Also you should use the LB parameter to specify the capacity of the application servers, parameter DIA is no longer used. See the documentation for details.