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Issue in Inventory Audit Report

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Dear Expert,
We are facing an issue in the inventory audit report where the Item values are not matching as per the calculation.
After investigation, we found that this might be happening due to back dated entries created in the system.
As per System Date average cost is following:


As per Posting date Material is consumed at cost 132.71.
As per the posting date it should be consumed at 143.83.
Even though it is consumed at 143.83, the difference becomes 14780.86 instead of 71.86.
Please share your observations or any calculation method to fix this.
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Hi Krish!

You never want to use the "System Date" in the Inventory Audit Report.  By default it will be what's selected but you just need to use the dropdown to swap to "Posting Date":


The "System Date" is the creation date of the transaction, not the date that it was posted on.  So using the System Date doesn't make any sense.  Even if you posted something today and back dated the posting date you don't want to use the date the transaction was created, you want to use the date you posted it.

So if you are trying to compare Posting Date to System Date it will never line up.

You can also use SELECT * FROM OINM (watch out if you have a ton of data it will take forever to run without filters) which has the raw data from the Inventory Audit Report, you can filter it for specific items and date ranges.

I also have a video on how to re-align your balance sheet with your IAR here:

Let me know if this helps,


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Dear Expert, Ther resolution provided is not relevant. Please let us know if you need more inputs from our side to understand the query better.