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Issue Executing Script - SAP Screen Personas

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We've created the following script :script.txt

We've run Script Validation and we receive no issues. But, when we "Execute" we get the following error:

We're coming up empty when researching/troubleshooting this. Does anyone have any ideas?

We're using SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP3, Kernal 7.42 PL401


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Really silly question here, but like Tamas has said, the error refers to a control that doesn't exist, in this case its seems to be the table itself. Is the table reference correct, and if it is, are you in the actual screen/transaction where the table should be displayed?

I'm only asking as i've done this numerous times myself when i'm scripting but starting in a different screen to begin with.



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Product and Topic Expert
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Looks like there is an error in the script, since it refers to a control that doesn't exist.

The validation will of course be successful since it only checks for syntax errors but this one is a runtime problem.